RealKombat offers training courses in various martial arts whose learning becomes necessary to practice in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) mode. As the name implies, it is imperative to know the techniques of various martial arts for successful MMA training.

Renowned masters, with extensive experience and success in their martial arts and specific physical preparation, were selected and present their qualifications through the teachings made available in the modules of the site.

Knowledge of the techniques of the modalities presented in the various modules offered allows subscribers to acquire specific knowledge that is necessary for development and evolution in MMA.

From each martial art presented were selected the attack and defense blows used in the MMA fights. Thus, the teachings presented here aim exclusively at the practice of MMA.

A module on physical preparation was selected as a foundation for not only supporting the practice of martial arts but also providing physical fitness for subscribers.

In addition to the knowledge contained in the modules, RealKombat offers opportunities for subscribers to effectively train their knowledge acquired here at the partner academies listed on the site. To do so, just contact these academies for more information and registration.

We suggest for better absorption of knowledge, to carry out all the modules presented sequentially and to invest in their physical preparation with the specific module. In this way, the subscriber will have training in the basic modalities of martial arts necessary to practice MMA and developed levels of excellence in physical conditioning.


REALKOMBAT was conceived by martial art practitioners, especially from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, with a history coming from the late 60’s in Rio de Janeiro.

The first steps applied to martial arts originated at the Gracie academy with professors Hélio Gracie and the late Rolls Gracie, considered the best fighter of all time, unfortunately prematurely deceased.

The first fights applied several techniques from wrestling and boxing under the name “vale-tudo”. One could say that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s supremacy was clearly present in the events of that time.


In the 1990s, Strike Jiu Jitsu was founded in Rio de Janeiro and soon formed a good number of the sport’s biggest names. At that time they were pioneers for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students, introducing boxing and judo classes with the renowned professors Claudio Coelho and the late Professor De Luca, aiming at a more improved and diversified technical preparation for the students.

With the development of the techniques on other fighting modalities there has been an evolution on the fighting confrontations when all of them tried to state their own particular style of martial arts and so the old style of wrestling entered into international context evolving into what is known as the current Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA.

During this evolution, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters adopted the basic techniques from other martial arts, notably Boxing, Muay Thai, and Wrestling, along with the intense physical fitness preparation applied to MMA. Similarly, the other fighters in the great majority went after the knowledge of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques even by hiring coaches (instructors/professionals) from Brazil and other countries.

As attentive observers of national and international MMA events, we realized that fighters in general, including some renowned and famous MMA fighters, stopped performing blows and effective positions of attack and defense, especially those who had Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as their original style of fighting, thus not handling useful techniques in various fight situations we have analyzed. We have seen great fighters lose because they stopped using well known attack and defenses. Additionally, we have witnessed certain situations of fighters who have resorted to  brute force without  success.

Based on these findings, we sought out other martial professionals from Boxing and Muay Thai and concluded that there existed various techniques that were no longer used in the fights. Today, MMA enjoys great success worldwide and the integration among the various teachings of other martial arts has become an imperative and essential condition for MMA performance, besides the particular martial arts techniques of individual fighters.

With the experience acquired through the ages, mainly from the origin, RealKombat presents this concept of unification of the knowledge of each martial art for the preparation and conditioning of fighters of different levels for the practice of MMA.

The material presented is the result of the experience and of the work done selecting renowned teachers of each art and it is intended to show the strokes and positions of attacks and defenses of each art that are exclusively and intensely used in MMA.

In addition, a network of partner academies is available to provide the actual training of the techniques and teachings offered.